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A Musical/Musical Number

I saw Chicago yesterday, and one thing that struck me was its morality. In most movies about criminals, the criminals commit a crime and are punished in some way, until they learn a life lesson. If they don't learn a lesson, they're in jail forever and the motto is, "crime doesn't pay." In Chicago, people commit crimes, are pampered in jail, and no one is sorry about what they did. I think we should do a musical with a similar sense of morality. Musical numbers between the criminal and judge:

J: Did you rape her?
C: Yeah, you betcha!
J: Can we kill you?
C: I won't letcha!
J: Well, if he says we cannot kill him/I don't want to be a villain/you're off the hook this time
C: I can commit another crime!
Jury: YAY!!

Incidentally, if you're looking to see a good movie, go to Catch Me If You Can-- it's amazing. I think it's my favorite Spielberg; the story is wonderful and hilarious.

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