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Esoterrific's Journal
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
11:28 am
Sunday, May 9th, 2004
2:58 am
Dear Esoterrific Message Board
Are you still, like, a working LiveJournal board?

If so, write back.

Asterios Kokkinos
Thursday, January 16th, 2003
10:03 pm
Hey - here's a new sketch I'm writing, thought of it today while housepainting.

Interstellar Asshole

Night, the backyard or rear deck of a house. A telescope in the center of the stage.

Melissa and David walk in, David guiding Melissa who has her hands over her eyes

David: Ta-da! (Gestures to the telescope) Happy anniversary!

Melissa: Wow! You got me a telescope?

David: No, silly, I bought you a star! I went to the national star registry and purchased the naming rights to a star. Happy birthday!

Melissa: Wow, I didn't even know people could do that!

David: Well, it wasn't cheap but...you know, it's been a good year for pillowstuffing! Anyway, I've already set it, so if you just bend over and look through here, you can see in full glory, "The Vindictive Bitch".

Melissa: WHAT?

David: That's right, "The Vindictive Bitch"! You cheat on me, I name stars!

Melissa: It was one kiss...I apologized, you said it was ok-

David: Nope! I just said that so you'd shut up, and I could get on the internet and name a bunch of stars!

Melissa: I'm leaving...

David: Oh well, then you won't get to see the other stars I named after you!

Melissa: You bought more stars?

David: Sure! (Points to the sky) There's, "Insensitive"..."The Ball Buster"..."Nags Me About Hanging Out With My Friends"...and, look, (points to Melissa) there's "Humped My Best Friend Michael"!

Melissa: That's not true, we kissed once! It was two years ago, I thought you were dead!

David: Well, all I know is if your airliner went down over Brazil and you had been declared "Missing" , that's "MISSING" not "DEAD", I would have died homeless and alone out of respect!

Melissa: That's crazy!

David: "Insulting"...I'll have to add that star to the "Cluster of Broken Dreams"

(That's all I've got so far. I'm gonna go watch Futurama now.)

(Also, at some point he should pull out a star chart which links all the stars in some sort of insulting constellation...a middle finger? The Ghostbusters sign? I dunno yet)
Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
4:22 pm
Double "Trouble"
Hey guys: it turns out that our 24th gig at the Comedy Studio is actually on the 31st. We're also booked to do "Free for the Weekend" on the 31st, and both gigs start as eight.

Solution: We bring both girls to the same restaruant! Then, we periodically say, "I need to go to the bathroom" or "Where is that damn food? I'm going to talk to the manager"-

No, wait, no. No: we play both gigs. We send a two member team to "The Comedy Studio" to do "Caveman Jesus" and "A Monologue/A Piece For Two", and a six member team to "Free for the Weekend" to do "The Birthday Sketch" and "Additional Sketch With No More Than Three People In It."

I'll go to the Comedy Studio so we can play the making contacts game, but the rest of the casting (who's on what team) is pretty up in the air. I've run three simulations though of possible teams, and they're all funny, so I'm not worried.

Here's the new schedule:

Meeting - Monday, January 20th: Time Unknown (Mike doesn't have his work schedule yet) but it'll be either in the morning/early afternoon or late at night.

Rehersals - Monday through Friday the 31st - I'll book times at the Student Union, but evenings, likley 7-9, or 8-10. We'll solidify what people can do at the Monday meeting.

This is awsome. We're gonna split up, gig, rejoin up, form Voltron, and then get Voltron hammered on vodka and kool-aid.

Tuesday, January 14th, 2003
11:00 am
Awsome Gig Opportinuty
Hey guys. This sounds like a great deal of fun, and may be a good way to meet people and then humilate them.

Read HereCollapse )
Sunday, January 12th, 2003
1:39 pm

A Barber tries to make small talk with a patron over

"So, you follow the Yankees?"
(Smiling, trying to be polite) "No, not really, I don't really follow sports."
"Oh, yes, yes. (Beat) So, can you believe that blown call the other night?"
(More direct this time, but with a smile and a shrug) "I don't follow sports."

It gets tense:

"You think I got a problem, I'm beneath you because I follow sports?"
"No, there's nothing wrong with you, I just don't
follow sports! Now why don't we stick to the haircut."

In retaliation, the barber cuts off a section of his
hair, making him look stupid.

"What the hell'd you do that for?"
"What? What? I'm just, you know, cutting!"
"I'm gonna look like an idiot. My girlfiend's gonna
kill me."
"No, look, I can fix it. I make you look like Kobe Bryant."
"Who the hell is that?"

He goes back. Etc. The gimmick here is that we use my actual hair, or an incredibly realistic looking wig that I've worn throughout the whole show.

10:55 am
A Musical/Musical Number
I saw Chicago yesterday, and one thing that struck me was its morality. In most movies about criminals, the criminals commit a crime and are punished in some way, until they learn a life lesson. If they don't learn a lesson, they're in jail forever and the motto is, "crime doesn't pay." In Chicago, people commit crimes, are pampered in jail, and no one is sorry about what they did. I think we should do a musical with a similar sense of morality. Musical numbers between the criminal and judge:

J: Did you rape her?
C: Yeah, you betcha!
J: Can we kill you?
C: I won't letcha!
J: Well, if he says we cannot kill him/I don't want to be a villain/you're off the hook this time
C: I can commit another crime!
Jury: YAY!!

Incidentally, if you're looking to see a good movie, go to Catch Me If You Can-- it's amazing. I think it's my favorite Spielberg; the story is wonderful and hilarious.


Current Mood: flirty
Friday, January 10th, 2003
11:38 pm
Hi guys!

Look, I'm posting. This thing is better than talking!

During my last week on vacation I'm bringing my portable studio home with me, meaning we can do audio recording from my dorm room. All we need now is the material and time! We should discuss this at the meeting.

I'm Outie 500,000!


Current Mood: horny
3:27 pm
Has anyone else heard or witnessed someone using the phrase "Outtie 5000" (sounds like "Audi 5000")?

"Hey, where you goin?"
"I gotta head to work. I am Outtie 5000!"

My little brother just used it, and I'm pretty disgusted with him, and myself for being related to him. Is this the kind of thing we can do some sort of Public Service Anouncement bit about?

Wednesday, January 8th, 2003
12:44 am
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